1. Garfish illustration

    Garfish (Belone belone) is the only fish i know that has green bones. Funky fresh fish!

  3. Ink on paper, digital colour




    Thomas Fec has magic creative abilities!

    The main man from BMSR has with his solo project Tobacco released dirty beats since 2008, and it all started with this record. And what a gem!

    On his own style from wikipedia; ” I want to make you feel paranoid in a good way. There’s something seriously fucked about workout tapes from the mid 80s, and just about everything obscure on beta tape. They make me feel awful, but really good and curious at the same time. With this Tobacco stuff, I’m trying to translate that feeling.” - Thomas Fec

  4. ink on paper

    Illustration of  Silver hatchetfish or Argyropelecus olfersii

  5. ink on paper

    A Ouroboros Illustration


  6. Pacific blonde ale label!

    Love blondes :)

  7. New beer label! Old mandala illustration

  8. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1714915/

    Ink on paper, digital colour

    I am a huge Jim Jarmusch fan!

  9. Ink on paper

    Bird without name.

  10. Ink on paper


    Lepus timidus